Fine Art of Court-Storming Officially Dead

When Ohio stormed the court after beating Mason a few weeks back, it was a warning that court-storming was becoming ridiculous and completely meaningless, but what I witness today verified my fears. Observe the scene in Clemson after the Tigers took down perennial basketball powerhouse Virginia Tech:


Yes, Clemson fans, go crazy. You just beat an unranked, middle-of-the-ACC bubble team in a virtually meaningless game (for Clemson, that is), seeing as the Tigers already had a Tourney spot locked up.

I thought storming the court was reserved for huge upsets and/or beating your most bitter of bitter rivals (unless you play in the SEC, in which case you better not even think about it). This game wouldn’t fall into either category, obviously. Clemson was favored, and as far as I know, Tech has no real basketball rivals.

But hey, maybe it was a result of everyone just being totally stoned, including James Mays (after the jump).

3 thoughts on “Fine Art of Court-Storming Officially Dead”

  1. We have a tradition at both football and basketball games of “gathering at the paw” at halfcourt/midfield. Stupid name, I’ll admit. We aren’t just a bunch of dumbasses who storm the floor every time we barely beat a crappy bubble team, we do it when we barely beat anybody.

    Anyway, love the site.

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