MD Fan Gives Scheyer the Scheyer Face

Here’s yet another example of our stunted way of dealing with Maryland’s terrible loss to Clemson (though it may not be so terrible if they squeak into the NCAA Tournament) … by mocking Duke. Via the Turtle Sports Report message boards, it’s some dude giving Jon Scheyer the Scheyer Face:


Good form, my friend, got the double chin in there and everything. He even made a video about the encounter, though I prefer the still image, which makes it easier to mock the resort wear. I don’t care that they’re in Maui, or that he’s a Terps fan, jungle-themed silk shirts are out. Auf wiedersehen!

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2 thoughts on “MD Fan Gives Scheyer the Scheyer Face”

  1. The thing about the video is it really hammers in the characteristics of the face, you know? You really appreciate how the guy was able to imitate it so well, probably in a few seconds and probably under great pressure to get it right in one try.

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