Dmitri Young Weighs in at 291 Pounds?!

dmitri-and-nj.jpgIf you read Mr. Irrelevant, it means you probably also read D.C. Sports Bog, but maybe you missed this tidbit at the bottom of yesterday’s post about Sidney Ponson:

“Barry Svrluga … says he has a Nats roster that lists Dmitri’s weight at 291.”

We’ve covered this before, and we all know Da Meat Hook is a big man. My brother just looked at this photo of him and NJ and said, “That’s 500 pounds of first basemen.” Sure. But 291? That tops C.C. Sabathia’s listed weight by a pound, and Sabathia’s beefy with a five-inch height advantage.

How about other big ballplayers … Ryan Howard? 252. David Ortiz? 230 (yeah, right). David Wells? 248. Prince Fielder? 260. Bartolo Colon? 245. 6’11” Jon Rauch? 285. Adam Dunn? 275. And so on.

We’ll look to Svrluga for further investigative reports, but Young may have to clear space on the mantle next to his Comeback Player of the Year award to make way for another honor: 2008’s Heftiest Big Leaguer.

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2 thoughts on “Dmitri Young Weighs in at 291 Pounds?!”

  1. That picture makes me uncomfortable. I think these two single handedly negate all of the “athletic ability” milledge and dukes bring to the team. Nice work boys.

  2. hopefully the dmitri bobbles will be of higher quality than the presidential bobbleheads distributed last summer.

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