D.C. Sports Media Interview: The Post’s Dave Sheinin From Nats Spring Training

dave-sheinin.jpgInspired by The Big Lead’s interview series, we’re asking local sports media types for a dash of their time. The resulting D.C. Sports Media Interviews kicks off today with Washington Post national MLB writer Dave Sheinin, who was in Viera, Florida for Nats spring training.

Dave, who’s cool enough for a Clipse-inspired “Ride Around” Sheinin nickname and kind enough to answer our inane questions, provides his thoughts on the Nats beat, The Chief’s brim, Lindsay Czarniak and more, after the jump.

1. What’s happening with the Nats beat this season now that Barry Svrluga seems to have moved on?

With Barry, it’s like that old country song, “How Can I Miss You (If You Won’t Go Away).” Technically speaking, he’s off the Nationals beat and joining our Redskins coverage team — the announcement was made internally and the job opening was posted. But until we hire somebody, he has vowed to keep writing some stuff about the Nationals for the paper whenever his blogging duties allow for it. (I might add: Thank God he’s willing to do this, or else it would have fallen to yours truly.) (Update: Capitol Punishment may know who the new guy is.)

chief-hat.jpg2. Is Chad Cordero really curving the brim of his cap now?

I believe the spring training caps come pre-bent, and Cordero is too scared about burning his forehead to attempt to iron the brims flat.

3. Did anyone show up having lost or gained a lot of weight?

Lots of guys seem to have lost weight — Nick Johnson, Ray King and Chad Cordero come to mind. If King keeps dropping pounds, his nickname of “Burger” is going to seem fairly incongruous.

4. How’s the nightlife down there?

Nightlife? Define “nightlife.” If you mean “chain restaurants that are packed at 5 p.m. and bars that close at 10 p.m.,” it’s awesome.

5. Do players ogle Lindsay Czarniak as much as the media seems to?

Oh, that’s odd… Lindsay was in Viera? Hmmm. Never noticed her.


6. Has Elijah Dukes threatened you or anyone you know?

No, in fact Elijah has agreed to give me golf lessons.

7. How much are we going to love Lastings Milledge in this town?

L Millz is going to be huge in D.C., no question. Infectious smile, limitless talent, offensive lyrics. Huge, I tell ya.

8. How far can Wily Mo Pena hit the ball?

Far enough that Jim Bowden has to charge up his Segway three times just to retrieve the ball.

dmitri-hair.jpg9. Do singing children follow Dmitri Young around wherever he goes?

Some of the children follow Dmitri around; the rest are actually living in his hair.

10. What do you think of the new stadium?

I wish it had a more iconic look and feel, but the sightlines are tremendous and the fan experience is going to be phenomenal — if everyone can get there.

11. Who’ll win more games in ’08: Washington or Baltimore?

Definitely Washington.

12. If you could only listen to five albums this season, which would they be?

Oooh, love this question. Only five albums for this season? I’ll go with 1) Drive-By Truckers, “Southern Rock Opera.” 2) Wilco, “Being There.” (I’m going heavy on double-albums, since you did not explicitly rule them out.) 3) The Beatles, White Album. 4) Bruce Springsteen, “The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle.” 5) George Jones, “I Am What I Am.”

(We thank Dave for his time and ask you for suggestions on who should be next in the series.)

6 thoughts on “D.C. Sports Media Interview: The Post’s Dave Sheinin From Nats Spring Training”

  1. @ NTPNate, yes, we are spoiled with good baseball writers in this town.

    @ littles, we’d be honored to interview Miss Czarniak, though I’m sure my brother will write something to taint the well, if he hasn’t already.

  2. Shame for using a sentence involving Lindsay that contains the word “taint.”

    I would love to see you interview Loverro. or maybe someone “below the radar” like Scott Linn or Al Galdi.

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