Alex Ovechkin’s New Internet Girlfriend


On this week’s Blog Show we revealed that AO met his new GF online, which is perfectly normal behavior for a $124 million superstar who goes to Hair Cuttery. We wanted visual evidence of the mystery lady, so we turned the web upside down and shook the change out of its grimy pockets, finding nothing. All of which serves to make the back story and exclusive photos that much more impressive.

And, yes, this makes two hockey posts in one day … a new site record.

7 thoughts on “Alex Ovechkin’s New Internet Girlfriend”

  1. In the 4th quarter of the Wiz game last night, the announcers mentioned Ovechkin was in the house and the cameras cut to him – right as he was leaning in for a kiss with the girlfriend. This, of course, caused Steve Buchantz to exclaim, “And there’s Alex stealing a kiss!”

  2. Eamon beat me to it but I also saw Alex O dive straight in with the tongue at the Wizards game.

    I did not Alex was so hard up for Russian poon. I hung out with some nice young hot russians at the Borgata last August in AC that I could have hooked him up with very easily.

    My favorite line of the night in the brutal home loss to the Knicks was Stevie Buck rolling out this quip:

    “That’s How I Roll”

    I still can not stop laughing about it.

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