Lost Treasure Found: Monk, Clark & Green’s 1991 Pizza Hut Commercial

This is a special piece of vintage, local advertising from my favorite time as a Redskins fan starring three of my all-time favorite Redskins. Art Monk is reliable as usual, Darrell Green is affable as ever and Gary Clark steals the show. But where the hell was Ricky Sanders?

(Traffic-cone shots of Crown Royal to The Mayor of FedEx Field for the tip.)

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4 thoughts on “Lost Treasure Found: Monk, Clark & Green’s 1991 Pizza Hut Commercial”

  1. ’91 was about the peak of my Pizza Hut addiction. Which was odd because every time I ate there, I would puke about three hours later. Yet I kept going back. That’s just how good their breadsticks are. And just how fat I was as a youth.

  2. You can’t possibly have a local Pizza Hut commercial without Wilbur Marshall.

    That man’s motto in the early 90’s was, “Gimme my damn personal pan!”

  3. Diddy* used to go to my church**.

    That was in in like 1985.

    *Diddy = Clint Didier

    **Church = Mom dragged me there, I am now an atheist

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