UNC Goes With Its All-White Squad

At what point is a lead safe enough to put in nothing but the white guys? Apparently the answer is when you’re up 40+ with under two minutes left. Observe UNC’s ghostly five:


That would be Marc Campbell (#2), Surry Wood (#24), Patrick Moody (#35), Jack Wooten (#30) and J.B.Tanner (#15). Campbell’s handle was good enough for me to believe he might be part-ethnic, but no, he’s definitely all white, as his player page proves.

While they didn’t manage to score any points during their minute or so on the floor together, Moody did draw a charge (as seen above), which resulted in the slapping of over-privileged hands:


As Moody was pulled up from the floor, he was overheard yelling, “Ty Lawson who, bitches?! Asheville, North Carolina up in this motherf——-!”

9 thoughts on “UNC Goes With Its All-White Squad”

  1. curiously, this team is called the “blue team” in practice, whereas the five starters are actually called “the white team.”

  2. What’s the point of this “story” and why are these guys “over priviledged”?

    Must be the state school that gives them all this “priviledge”?

  3. Wow. Flexing that incredible wit and writing ability again, I see. You’re not very smart, are you, little guy?

    Maybe you should just set up this awesome site so that you and your boys who think your shitty writing is funny can discuss it? That way the rest of the internet can just fucking go away.

    At least you’ve lived up to your name.

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