Chad Johnson to the Skins: Yes, Please

The talks of the Skins bringing Ocho Cinco to D.C. Maryland have heated up this week, as you may have noticed. Jamie address the issue two weeks ago by saying that he’d welcome Ocho Cinco with open arms. Now, with the talks getting slightly more series, I’d like to say emphatically that I want Chad Johnson in Maroon & Black!

Sure, there is something to be said for “building for the future” by not trading our draft picks, but since when have the Skins ever been concerned about that? (And look how well it’s work out for us!) Besides, this year we have a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Plenty to barter with there. Plus, we desperatley need something — anything — to be excited about heading into next season. If nothing else, Johnson brings excitement.

Plus, let us not forget, Chad Johnson is fucking awesome on the field too.

TBL wrote something today which I couldn’t help but find (unintentionally) hilarious: “Despite a career-high in yards, we were unimpressed with Johnson this season. Might his best years be behind him?”

Unimpressed? 1440 yards and 93 catches. Yeah, so pedestrian. Since ’02, there has been absolutely no drop off in his production whatsoever (unless you consider 10 TDs to eight a noteworthy “drop off”). How anyone could conclude that his best years are behind him is beyond me. Would his numbers in DC be what they were with Palmer in Cincy? Maybe not, but it certainly wouldn’t be due to Johnson’s declining skills.

Beyond the excitement he would bring, and all those pesky “unimpressive” stats, Chad would only help solidify the incredible line-up of blog-worthy athletes in the D.C. area. CP, Santana Man, Chad Johson and Captain Chaos all on the same team? This is the kind of stuff Steinz’ (wet) dreams are made of.

11 thoughts on “Chad Johnson to the Skins: Yes, Please”


    seriously, can’t we just draft sweed and use the fifteen million dollars we save to pick up a defensive end and some depth on the lines?

    not that i don’t love ocho cinco, but let’s be real.

  2. Why would you listen to the opinion of a site that regularly produces sub-par movie reviews, and loves Kim Kardashian?

  3. Don’t forget about his insightful political updates! How else would I know Obama won VA, DC and MD? Thanks, TBL, for keeping us up-to-date on current events! New feature suggestion: So That Iraq Thing, What Do We Think?

  4. 1 ball and too many playmakers. Johnson essentially wants out of Cincy because he is not the man, TJ is. If Johnson shows up, someone is losing touches, Moss, AR-E, Coooooooley, Portis….Someone is not getting the ball. The Redskins have essentially turned into the Yankees, they get players and give them the biggest contract ever and hope it works. And it don’t and we have to wait until next year, so that also makes us the Cubs.

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