Jim Zorn Is the New Skins Head Coach?!

I don’t even know how to feel about this, because it’s so out-of-leftfield, but Jim Zorn is the new head coach of the Washington Redskins.


From Seahawks QB coach for six seasons to Redskins offensive coordinator for two weeks to Redskins head coach … wow. Is this better than Fassel?

Update: Hogs Haven has blog reactions, including video of Zorn from ’81.

Update No. 2: Wilbon and Wise weigh in, with Wilbon bringing up a good point … this news never ever ever ever would’ve been announced on a Saturday night if Danny and Vinny were actually proud of the hire.

9 thoughts on “Jim Zorn Is the New Skins Head Coach?!”

  1. I prefer a young, well-liked guy to a failed retread of a coach. If nothing else, it shows some balls on Snyder/Vinny’s part.

    Still would have liked Gregg, but I can convince myself not to hate this pick. Beats Fassel, Mooch, et al.

  2. Anyone is better than Fassel.

    This hiring confirms the way I’ve felt about this debacle all along: I really don’t give a shit.

    4-12, here we come! Although four wins is better than three wins, as was the case our first year under Norv.

  3. 1. there’s something ironic here that i’m not coherent enough to make into a witty comment right now . . . promoting a head coach from within the organization and all.

    2. I agree with Chris, I don’t give a shit. I’m not anti-Zorn but anyone who holds the head coaching title in DC at this point is nothing more than a mascot. Cerrato runs the show, and the Skins will never have a legitimate/self-respecting head coach under this ownership.

    3. We have officially become the Washington Raiders.

    4. I love to count.

  4. 1. At least Norv was a coordinator. This dude Todd Collins Quantum Leap style.

    2. I feel bad for you guys. I thought my Ravens were up 5-11 Avenue, but you dudes have a lot to deal with now. Two unproven coordinators and a coach that that didn’t even make it that far.

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