Meet the Replacement for Erin Andrews

laforce_small.jpgFour years from now, the girl to the right will be roaming the sidelines, reporting for ESPN.

Her name is Allie LaForce, and she is currently a freshman at Ohio University, where she plays on the basketball team. She is also a former Miss Teen USA, and was 17 when that photo was taken. The police are on their way.

But if you can manage to get past how ugly she is, you’d see that she has some smarts as well. And isn’t that what counts? King of the Road interviewed her over the weekend, and she had this to say:

KOTR: Why did you pick Ohio University?
ALLIE: I came to Ohio University for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

KOTR: Have you decided what field of journalism you want to enter, or are you still in the experimentation stage?
I’m still in the experimentation stage. I think sports broadcasting is what I want to focus on. I think it’s great that women are getting more and more opportunities to be seen and heard in the sports industry. I can see myself being a sideline reporter or doing play-by-play. Play-by-play may be further down the road, but I can see myself doing sideline stuff right now.

Wait, did she say “I’m still in the experimentation stage”? I think that’s the exact excuse Jamie would use in college when he’d wake up face down and pantless in the SAE basement, wallowing in a puddle of blood, sweat and tears with a target around his ass.

Although I think Allie might be referring to a different type of experimentation. Then again, maybe she isn’t.

15 thoughts on “Meet the Replacement for Erin Andrews”

  1. I’m actually going to be in Athens this weekend — I went to Ohio U. (As I had to point out to Chris, there is an Athens, Ohio.) I was already planning to hit up the men’s game, but the women play beforehand in a doubleheader. I’m trying to get a credential lined up, so this could be fun.

  2. Does it make a dirty man that I already know who this girl is and I have seen her water slide video before? It was a rhetorical question, no answer needed.

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