Blog Show 37: ‘Pants Were Tight Titting’

Last week’s fill-in for Super Bowl Steinberg? Unsilent Majority. This week’s fill-in? Littles. The man behind the men (not in a gay way) does an admirable job of conveying the week in blog, and he isn’t even the one who misspeaks and says “tight titting” in reference to Erin Andrews’ clothing.

Also, +1,000,000 to intern John Talty for demonstrating the Ickey Shuffle despite not knowing how to do the Ickey Shuffle and -1,000,000 to Comcast SportsNet for declaring “Snyder Sucks” messaging too hot for TV.

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Wardrobe: Snyder Sucks The Basketball Jones and Beast Mode

YouTube of the Week: Who the Hell Should I Hire? [BradyFan83]

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5 thoughts on “Blog Show 37: ‘Pants Were Tight Titting’”

  1. Let me find out Comcast got ho’ in their genes.

    Rock that shirt and let the community know you’re behind them. And not in a gay way.

  2. And you guys should have me on. I could be a Barkley-type to the EJ and Kenny bit you guys have translated so well to the local sports scene.

  3. i agree with Rudy. I think Talty now has his 15 seconds of fame because of the great video he was in.I hope we will se more of Talty because I would rather see him on the blog show than steinburg.

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