Chris Hoiles Is Wearing His High Hat

With Erik Bedard’s departure to Seattle looming I’ve been thinking about the Orioles a lot lately, mostly about how much they suck. So let’s take it back to their first long wave of suck and 1990 Bowman Chris Hoiles (rookie card, son!). Hoiles had a good stick, no arm and great bangs; and boy did he let those puppies breathe.


PS: Joe Sports Fan updated their Worthless Card Collection, and there’s a terrific Jim Traber in the bunch.

9 thoughts on “Chris Hoiles Is Wearing His High Hat”

  1. I introduced my wife to the Orioles when we met and she hasn’t forgiven me for it. Nonetheless, Chris Hoiles was her favorite Oriole from those days — mine was Mark McLemore (stupid Billy). This reminds me that I recently found a program from 94 that had Sid Fernandez, Chris Sabo, and Arthur Rhodes on it — the big off-season acquisitions. *shudder*

    Oh, and I counted 5 years where he batted over .250 — including 1993 where he hit .310 with 29 HR.

  2. I also had one with Phil Regan and Mussina, Ben McDonald, Jamie Moyer, Kevin Brown, & Scott Erickson that said something like “Armed & Dangerous.” I just threw these programs away when I moved — maybe I should have kept them. I remember at least having hope back then…

  3. Chris was the most electifing catcher I ever saw play for the Rochester RedWings O’s AAA at the time.
    He was a mean streak hitter and when he went up Frank Robinson ruined him.
    Every time Chris got a couple of game hitting streak going,Robinson would sit him down for a few games.You can look it up if you want.
    There is no telling how good Chris could have been with a better head coach.

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