Blog Show 36: ‘Look at Those Thighs’

Thanks and respect to Kissing Suzy Kolber co-founder, Deadspin contributor and erstwhile blog commenter Unsilent Majority for filling in as my co-host while Steinberg is in Arizona filing Super Bowl dispatches. For a guy who hasn’t been on TV since a childhood acting spot (was it a Burger King commercial, Maj?), he does good. Real good.

Also, apologies — to you and to Steinz — for this week’s nightmare fuel.

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Wardrobe: Obama/Arenas and a custom Gil hoodie

YouTube of the Week: The Oscar Goes to … the Penguins [Deadspin]

Posts [and sites] featured: Nice Legs, Belichick [Strikezones and Endzones], Tom Brady Balding? [With Leather], Brady’s Hair: A Retrospective [Mr. Irrelevant], ’85 Pats Music Video [Can’t Stop the Bleeding], Giants Lineman Castrated Lambs With Teeth [Sports by Brooks], Kareem in Denim [The Blowtorch], ‘Good Sex in the Big East’ [BallHype], ESPN Announcer Says ‘F— Jesus’ [Awful Announcing], Jacobsen Hitting the Bottle [Baseball Musings], D-Fence Bowling Sign [Joe Sports Fan], Riley Skinner Is Nude [With Leather], Pink Georgia Fans [Busted Coverage]

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8 thoughts on “Blog Show 36: ‘Look at Those Thighs’”

  1. Hey look, there’s Jim Webb’s personal masturbator! I hope you show more enthusiasm when you’re rubbing “Lil’ Jimmy” down.

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