That’s it, Mike Patrick Must Be Stopped

If you’ll recall, it was one week ago that Mike Patrick couldn’t keep Paulus’ balls off his chin. Well, during tonight’s VA Tech-Duke game, Patrick was back at it.

Both of the plays in the following video happened — as you’ll be able to see — in the first five minutes of the game, so you can only imagine how much more ridiculous Patrick’s comments have become as the game has rolled on. I think I could make a Ken Burns-esque eight part series on Patrick’s homerism from this game alone, but I’ll limit it to Patrick accusing Deron Washington of embellishing:

First off, neither of these plays were flops. They were both legit fouls, especially the second one, which Patrick seemed to take more issue with. The Duke player f’ing landed on Washington. Either way, both involved more physical contact than the first Paulus play in the above video. Second — and this goes without saying — no team in the country flops more than Duke. That’s not even my opinion. It’s a fact. So spare us your bullshit, Patrick. Third, I can’t believe I’m going to say this: I miss Dick Vitale. Compared to Patrick, Vitale is the pillar for fair and balanced commentary.

And finally, if you think I’m overreacting, then you obviously haven’t watched Patrick call a Duke game.

12 thoughts on “That’s it, Mike Patrick Must Be Stopped”

  1. This video leaves out the worst part of Wed night. At a stop under the hoop, Washington walked past the Duke huddle and brushed past Henderson, who was heading to the Duke huddle. Patrick then screams “Washington just tried to stick his hand in the Duke huddle and a scuffle broke out!” Not only did Washington not do anything, Duke players never reacting like Washington even did anything. It’s time to see if Patrick hides a bottle of Jameson under the scorer’s table.

  2. Do you plan on airing just these two today or the eight other plays last night where somebody breathed on Washington and he acted like he got shot?

    Or the IF Deron picked up for cheapshotting Singler from behind on his way down the court?

    Patrick’s a homer, no doubt, I’m not even going to deny it, but please. Context matters.

  3. “Do you plan on airing just these two today or the eight other plays last night where somebody breathed on Washington and he acted like he got shot?”

    Nah, I was just gonna “air” these two.

  4. “Posting”. Hey, it’s early. No speak gud in morning.

    Seriously, though. The outrage is cute and all, but why do you think ESPN is airing something like 15 Mike Patrick/Duke games this season? It’s not Duke’s massive alumni base (1,600/year) that’s producing the sort of ratings that justify doing that. It’s not a big Duke fan bandwagon (know many of those?) And it’s certainly not to keep me from buying Full Court, although that’s a nice bonus.

    No, I’m guessing it’s all the pissed-off Maryland and UK fans… who until last weekend, let’s be honest, didn’t have that much about their own teams to cheer for… and all the other ACC fans who can actually name a couple of players on Duke every year, and an army of haters who know it’s cool to rip Duke these days.

    That’s what’s driving the ratings, and if I was a little more cynical or conspiracy-minded, I’d suggest THAT’s what’s really driving Vitale and Patrick’s biased commentary. I mean, you’ve been watching all Duke’s games this year, right? At least the last couple. And even if the next game wasn’t in College Park, you’d be watching it to see what horrible, horrible things Mike Patrick says next, right?

    I’m as biased as you or Mr. Patrick or anybody else, clearly. I’ve got a dog in the fight. I’m just saying that I think the Two Minutes (Duke) Hate is a cliche. For the record, the reason for all the “Not Our Rivals” bullshit is because Duke fans think Maryland fans care more about Duke than they do about their own team.

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