Fassel to Skins Update: Seriously, Kill Me

The news just keeps getting worse. Not only does Jim Fassel appear to be the leading candidate for the head coaching position, but if he does get the job, it seems likely that Rex Ryan will replace Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator:

I keep hearing that Fassel is in a great position to get this job, and when it all hits the fan that former Baltimore DC Rex Ryan would replace Gregg Williams if it goes down this way. That is the hot rumor at the Senior Bowl, and Rex knows Jim and Vinny Cerrato has ties to Rex. Makes sense. So you would be looking at major overhauls to the staff.

So, Williams would get double-stuffed in the ass by Snyder: Passed over for the job he is the rightful heir to AND get fired.

Also, why has Russ Grimm not been interviewed? The Curly R makes a case for him as the next Skins coach. At the very least, he’s better than a re-tread, twice-failed ex-Giants douchebag, worthless, no good pile of shit like Fassel. Yes, that’s how I really feel.

[Loads gun]

UPDATE: Good thing for Snyder that the players have no interest whatsoever in Williams being their head coach:

UPDATE II: UM has a timeline of the Redskins coaching search at KSK.

7 thoughts on “Fassel to Skins Update: Seriously, Kill Me”

  1. In light of the recent actions taken by the redskins organization since his departure, I am absolutely shocked Joe Gibbs was able to have ANY success here during his second tour of duty. I’m really struggling with what is more impressive; Gibbs winning three rings with three different QBs or Gibbs making it to the playoffs twice while dealing with Vinny & Dan.

  2. I am starting to think now that Joe Gibbs is not involved and quit on this football team and organization (GASP!! oh no, how dare I say that) Didn’t he say he was going to help with the process? If so, he is cool with this? I think not, atleast hope not.

    I think Gibbs quit so that he can focus on his Nascar team and that this year they are involved with Toyota.

    I also think there is a real major issue now a days with schools and teams hiring coaches. Everyone wants the “STAR” or “Big Name” guy, instead of the guy who is qaulified and can get the job done. It happened all the time. If you watch that channel where everyone screams really loud (ESPN) that is all they talk about. The big name guy. Rediculous.

  3. The only thing that could make me feel better is if tough juice dunks on labron tonight… skins are a lost cause, emotional black hole

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