Jim Fassel the Next Skins Coach? Kill Me

La Canfora is all over this over at The Insider: Apparently Jim Fassel has been interviewed TWICE by the Redskins for their head coaching vacancy. You learn more:

According to numerous sources Fassel was the guy who interviewed Friday Jan. 11 and he also interviewed yesterday. He has emerged as a leading candidate, with owner Daniel Snyder choosing between him or Gregg Williams for the job, likely this week.

As a precautionary measure, we should start organizing the riot now in case for when Snyder chooses Fassel over Williams. Would ripping Snyder’s limbs off and posting them at the four corners of the area formerly known as Raljon, MD be a bit extreme?

5 thoughts on “Jim Fassel the Next Skins Coach? Kill Me”

  1. They know just how to ruin our lives.

    Fuck Fassel and fuck the guy we ALL know he’s going to hire as an offensive consultant even harder.

  2. I emailed a friend of mine, a big Giants fan, to ask her whether there was anything she could tell me to not hate Fassel.

    Her reply, verbatim:


    Also, just posted to La Canfora’s blog: Vinny just got a promotion.

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