Bikini Girls Make Live Television Debut

Brooks introduced us the to the Packers’ Bikini Girls yesterday, and apparently Maxim wants them, but it was Larry McCarren who got them first on his “Locker Room” show in Green Bay (sorry for the poor video quality, not my fault):

Whether or not these girls are even hot is up for debate, but the real question is how many people do you think the disgruntled Packers fan at about the 46-second mark has killed between the taping of this show and now?

I’d say at the very least, the poor soul who comfortingly touched his shoulder is a goner.

3 thoughts on “Bikini Girls Make Live Television Debut”

  1. If I don’t see them on the cover of my next Sporting News instead of a jubilant Tom Brady, the video quality will be another mishap that is indeed, your fault.

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