Dre Smith Hits 10 Threes, Misses Zero

dresmith.jpgYes, you done read that right. Mason’s Andre Leaward LaVaé Smith — who happens to be my favorite Patriot based solely on his name — was a perfect 10-for-10 from beyond the three point line last night. It was an NCAA record. No big deal. He did, however, miss one shot from inside the arch, finishing an unimpressive 11-for-12 for 34 points.

And what’s even sweeter is that it went down at JMU, which happens to be Jamie’s alma matter (SAE!). The biggest crowd JMU’s convo center has seen this century showed up to watch this great rivalry between GMU and JMU. Oh, what’s that? JMU would have to actually win at some point for this to be considered a rivalry? Good point. JMU’s coach has more:

“Our guys are very, very emotionally spent. There are certain games you circle, whether you want to recognize it or not. Our guys circle Mason. It’s a rivalry – well, you gotta win some games to call something a rivalry — but in their minds, it’s a rivalry. To our fans, it’s a rivalry.”

JMU might have hotter girls and better parties, but Mason has the better mid-major basketball team. And a higher male enrollment. So take that!

4 thoughts on “Dre Smith Hits 10 Threes, Misses Zero”

  1. I don’t wanna speak for Jamie, but I’m pretty sure — much like all non-douchebags from the great state of Virginia — he wouldn’t go to UVA even if given the choice.

    What I’m saying here is UVA is for insufferable douchebags.

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