Wiz Rookie Pecherov Is the ‘White Hole’

The O-Pech era has begun in D.C as the Wizards’ 7′ first-rounder from Ukraine (the Ukraine?) has begun to ball, posting 17 and 8 while hitting 3-for-7 from three in back-to-back performances against New York. Four games into his career, and I-Dot Carter says he’s already a “fan favorite!”

But that’s not why the Stewie look-alike has arrived. It’s because he joins all of his teammates in having a dope-ass nickname (via Awful Announcing):

The White Hole! Ah, that’s the good stuff, although NY should be informed that his nickname is and forever shall be The City, thank you very little.

Elsewhere on the Wiz tip, Mike Wise’s column also qualifies as the good stuff, spinning tales of Tough Juice’s gamesmanship and a quote from Gil saying he’ll come off the bench if he returns later this season.

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