Terps Beat UNC, Make Fans Cry

It’s good to be a Maryland fan in North Carolina today. The Terps got the biggest of big wins, beating No. 1 UNC in Chapel Hill. James Gist continues to be the mother flippin’ (that only took three and a half seasons), as he scored 22 and 12. This is definitely the win that could put Maryland on the good side of the bubble come March, seeing as they’ll most certainly find themselves straddling the NIT-Final Four line.

But enough with the details. Let’s take a look at what happens when UNC loses an early season ACC game:


Excuse me for a sec while this fit of laughter subsides.

Oh man, that’s rich. More after the jump (and on Awful Announcing).



Gimmie your tears, unattractive UNC ladies, or I will take them:

12 thoughts on “Terps Beat UNC, Make Fans Cry”

  1. Thank f’ing god they went down today.

    Although, oddly enough, some part of me was pulling for Hansbrough to make that shot. No clue why. Absolutely no clue. Me, Hansbrough, deatmatch. Simply don’t like the dude. But if he made the shot? Eh, would’a gave him credit.

    Go Duke.

  2. dude, as a UNC fan, i felt such shame watching that on national tv. why are our fans so goddamn soft? i mean in the “character” way, not in the body way. well, both, actually.

  3. Yes, the comments are sad as it reflects on the community where I live, Chapel Hill, NC. I know many UNC fans (similar to the female that made the comment) and hence why, even as a Christian, I am overwhelmingly challenged to love my UNC-Chapel Hill neighbors, despite how difficult some of them can be). I won’t go into name calling so I can hide the guilty parties. I would never call anyone out.

    But I’m a Maryland fan and even though it hurts, I’ll get over it and forgive her. I always do. Yes, I live in Chapel Hill, NC but I’m a
    Maryland fan (I grew up in Maryland and even worked at University of Maryland @ College Park before moving here 14-15 years ago). I even worked for UNC-Chapel Hill for almost 8 years so I know alot about how UNC-Chapel Hill people are like but that doesn’t mean that they are all like that. I know lots of UNC-Chapel Hill students and staff (and the general public) that are super nice (as with any college town).

    But, like I’ve always said since I live here, the fans are spoiled here……and there are times like this one where “a bad color” comes out. I
    have even attended UNC-Maryland games in the past here in Chapel Hill and after Maryland wins, I’m a bit scared. I’ve even been heckled while leaving games.

    But really, UNC should have lost to Georgia Tech and Clemson earlier in the season and Maryland would have been their 3rd ACC loss, not their first. So if UNC had lost earlier, maybe the comments wouldn’t have happened.

    Now, I know I’ve heard many Terp fans say bad things about the Tarheels in the past, mostly because of jealousy as UNC-Chapel Hill
    has won many ACC and NCAA Championships and Terp fans want respect (somehow respect causes so many problems in our society – hence gangs). Terp fans feel that Dicky V loves UNC and Duke more than the
    Terps and that doesn’t sit well with them.

    Anyway, I digress. Back to the UNC gal. So let’s all forgive the female who made these comments and become more understanding of each
    other. I will. Know what? I’ve now forgiven her.

    Chapel Hill Terp (formerly Durham Terp)

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