Leyton Hewitt’s Sister Will Kick Your Ass

Hewitt beat Baghdatis today in an epic five setter which ended at 4:40 AM Aussie time (the latest match in grand slam history). During the match, the cameras were constantly on Hewitt’s box, probably because his wife is smokin’ hot. But seated next to her was Hewitt’s sister, who — as Chris Fowler pointed out — is a professional body builder. Personally, I think she needs to work on those abs:


Now here’s the real question: Is that hot? For precedent in deciding such a difficult question, I turned to Pink. She has the similar, almost manish, abdominal region, but I’ve always contended that Pink is indeed hot.

Does that make me gay or something? Probably not. But if I were to say Can’t Take Me Home was a better album than Misundaztood, now that would most certainly make me homosexual. Everyone knows Misundaztood is her crowning achievement.

UPDATE: Thanks to twoeightnine, there are a pair of SUPER SEXY photos of Hewitt’s sister after the jump.

UPDATE II: Thanks to Meech, there are some photos (also after the jump) that are actually super sexy (see, ’cause in the previous update I was using sarcasm).



6 thoughts on “Leyton Hewitt’s Sister Will Kick Your Ass”

  1. That woman is still hot. Okay, obvious turn-off: the manish appearance during the body-building competition.

    Turn-on: the fact that she doesn’t look like that all the time, and most often times, the first picture.

    For body-building competitions, contestants try to withrawal most of the water in their body, which enables their muscles to, ya know, stand out so distinctly. That’s why she looks like a hotter version of Xena the female warrior in the latter pictures.

    I’d do ‘er.

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