Steve Buckhantz Unleashes the Beast

I’ve always liked Wizards play-by-play man Steve Buckhantz. He attended my alma mater, anchored many a D.C. sportscast during my formative years, accentuated each of Gil’s game-winners with a signature “DAGGER!” and was even nice to me both of the times we’ve met. But this ad makes me question all that I’ve learned through youth and young manhood.


Machosensuality aside, read that quote. He means it and really does love his job, which is awesome. He’s also quite good at it. Now imagine how nice I’d be if he’d give us just one more button of sweet man skin.

6 thoughts on “Steve Buckhantz Unleashes the Beast”

  1. Must burn image from mind…at least it wasn’t George Michael!

    I have been to the MCI center once for a Georgetown game and did not like the place at all. It seemed to sterile. It was, however, better than the Cap Center (and closer).

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