Mike Patrick Is Greg Paulus’ Protector

The following two incidents occurring within minutes of each other during tonight’s Duke-FSU game. Listen to Mike Patrick freak out as his love child Greg Paulus is maliciously attacked by those thugs from Florida State (and I added a bonus montage at the end):

Patrick on play one: “And Paulus — after the play — took a forearm right in the chops from Ryan Reid … Reid was lucky there wasn’t another foul called there because he dropped Paulus.” Hey, dipshit, listen to your partner. There was nothing intentional there. Paulus actually flopped on the play. Reid just stood their with his arm straight up.

Patrick on play two: “Paulus got drilled … Oh, look at Reid. Reid went in there and threw a punch.” You can’t see Paulus get drilled nor can you make out Reid throwing a punch. What you can clearly see, however, is Paulus kicking at players like the little pussy fart that he is.

Good to see that Patrick is filling in nicely in Vitale’s absence as verbal fellatiator of the Blue Devils.

8 thoughts on “Mike Patrick Is Greg Paulus’ Protector”

  1. It’s okay, Chris. I’m sure Maryland will have plenty of opportunities to get slurped by… hey, who DOES ESPN have working the NIT this year?

  2. I’m seriously ashamed that he’s an Upstater. Why oh why couldn’t he have gone on to play football? I would have loved to have seen him getting his sphincter ripped out play after play.

  3. Of note: Greivis would’ve actually thrown a punch, missed wildly, and sprained his upper ankle falling from the momentum.

    Then proceed to beat his chest and point to the heavens while being carted off.

  4. When a team is down 15-20 points, there has never been a better college basketball player than Grievous Vasquez. He will get hot with four minutes to play and make Maryland’s loss a respectable 8-10 point defeat.

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