Caron and the Wiz Beat Boston Again, Put the ’95-96 Bulls Comparisons on Ice

The Celtics’ first 34 games came and went without two straight losses. Then they played a home-and-home with the Wizards and got their ass beat both times. Even more surprising is that Caron may have been the best player on the court, and certainly was down the stretch tonight. Right, Schill?


Tough Juice gave Boston the business in the final minute, once with an and-one on Pierce and KG down the left side of the lane and then again with what should of been an and-one on Pierce down the right side. On the around end of the court, he smothered Pierce or whoever in green had the damn ball out on the perimeter. It was like he was everyone’s big brother and simply wasn’t going to let anyone else win.

Great effort from Caron, and great win for the Wiz. Next up: the Knicks.

Update: Looking at the boxscore, Washington was +19 for the 35 minutes that DeShawn was in the game and -14 for the 13 minutes he was not. Impressive stat for a guy who’s been ballin’ outta control lately.

Update No. 2: Lots of Wiz links this morning … Washington’s FT% is up across the boardsweet photo of Caron’s crunch-time layuphilarious “Locksmith” photoshopthe Wizards are playing defense

Update No. 3: Caron says, “Real recognizes real.” That could be a Blog Show t-shirt.

4 thoughts on “Caron and the Wiz Beat Boston Again, Put the ’95-96 Bulls Comparisons on Ice”

  1. And his girl’s boots are pretty ho’ed out too.

    Tough Juice would not let the Wiz lose last night. Amazing.

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