Brady Anderson May Not Be Gay After All

Thanks to the report that ex-Oriole Brady Anderson had trouble getting into an L.A. lounge comes the news (to me) that he “had a baby with Playboy model Sonia Vasi [in 2003],” leading us to two questions: 1) Why do ambiguously gay athletes sleep with Playboy models (see: Jeff Garcia and Carmilla DeCesare, see also: Brady Quinn’s inevitable turn on Girls Next Door)? and 2) Who’s Sonia Vasi?


The first question probably requires psychological expertise, but the second is partially answered by a Bulgerian news site:

As someone who has blogged about Brady Anderson not once, not twice, but three times in the past six months, how did I not know about this? Did you know this? Help me out. Certainly, all information on Ms. Vasi is welcome.

(Tip of the pen to Enrico from The 700 Level for giving us the hot lead.)

14 thoughts on “Brady Anderson May Not Be Gay After All”

  1. Oh come on, clearly Brady Anderson isn’t the only gay former Oriole. Ben McDonald? Armando Benitez? Can you really tell me Sir Sidney Ponson hasn’t had a male lover?

  2. So the multiple stories that I have heard about Brady in his playing days roller blading around Bmore in spandex tight shorts and no shirt are false? Or this is the activity of dude who crushes playboy models? I am so confused.

  3. Guys, first of all when u research about Sonia – you probably saw that the country name is Bulgaria , not Bulgeria. and yes, she is very famous in Bulgaria in fact.

  4. Sonia Vasi started as a rock singer,she was very popular in Bulgaria at 90s.She came to USA and formed a band named Creep.She is not a Playboy or FHM girl…she was invited to be the first successful Bulgarian shot on a cover of USA magazine.Also she is a designer.J.Lo,Jeniffer Aniston ,Demi Moore and etc. wears her scarfs,ponchos.She is now a jury of Bulgarian version of American Idol.She has a kid from Brady Anderson,a girl named Brianna,and Sonia divorced him because he beated her!

  5. Well the way I heard the story was that Yes, Brady did have a daughter with Sonia Vasi…but I believe this was via Invitro Fertilization. I don’t think Brady and Sonia were ever married and apparently no sex was involved. I would be interested to hear if any other posters agree or disagree with this version of the story. Hank

  6. Who cares his personal life is his freaking business he is one of the kindest athletes you will ever meet he takes pictures and signs autographs for all who ask he was and still is a great oriole and as far as im concerned its no ones fucking business what he does in his personal life i watched this man stay for hours after a ball game to sign all autographs so no one would be dissapointed so really people he isnt worried about what you are doing in your bedroom dont worry about what he is doing in his

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