Alvin Walton Is a Big Fan of the Mohawk

He played during the glory years, was a tackling machine and sported some variant of a mohawk for at least three seasons, yet I’ve never seen anyone with a Walton 40 throwback jersey. Let’s get with the program, people.




14 thoughts on “Alvin Walton Is a Big Fan of the Mohawk”

  1. Walton was one of my favorites from that era. He was built like a tank and hit like one too. He was like a defensive Rock Cartwright.

    And I seem to remember too that Gibbs said he’d let Walton cut Gibbs’ hair into a mohawk if the Skins won the Super Bowl. Don’t think it ever happened though.

    Anyone else remember that?

  2. Don’t remember the Gibbs-mohawk thing, but that sounds ridiculous. Even moreso is that Walton was a feared hitter while weighing in at only 180. The NFL was a bit different back in 1990 I suppose.

  3. I grew up in Vienna, VA, and each year they had this town festival thing. In 1983 or ’84 Joe Jacoby came to sign autographs (I was about 8 or 9 years old). I remember shaking his hand and being just stunned by how enormous it, and he, was. I think he weighed in around 305 and was easily the biggest lineman in the game in the early ’80s.

    Yes, things have changed dramatically. Sam Adams would eat Jacoby for lunch these days.

  4. Amazing, I wasn’t crazy after all.

    If anyone has a pass to buy WaPo archived articles, go for it. But here’s the relevant passage.

    Another Scalp For Redskins
    From: The Washington Post | Date: 5/17/1988 | Author: Tom Friend
    The Washington Post

    Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs kept his word, which is why he couldn’t keep his hair.

    In a pep talk before last season’s playoffs, Gibbs promised to let safety Alvin Walton give him a Mohawk haircut if the Redskins won the Super Bowl. They made Gibbs pay last Saturday at the conclusion of minicamp.

    “But no Mohawk,” Gibbs said before entering Walton’s “barber shop.”

  5. They do however have a Ricky Ervins Throwback from 1994 available.

    Speaking of Ervins, he tried to buy a new truck from me a few years ago.

    The guy has the worst credit possible.

    Infact, he probably couldnt even buy his own throwback jersey.

  6. Alvin & I played high school ball he sure did hit hard back then too as linebacker. Came from a wonderful family and he is a good friend.
    BRONCOS ’82’

  7. Alvin Walton was undoubtedly the best tackler in Redskins’ history…and we have had some great tacklers in D.C. Darrell Green was a great tackler…total finesse with him. But Walton, he would DRILL people…legally. As a runner, you were never safe around Walton until you were flat on the ground. He had great skill at being able to time things so that you got hit hard even if you were inches from the turf. He was a punisher.

  8. I played with A.W throughout high school he was fast and hard hitting I remember john madden saying he was the hardest hitting safety in the league (NFL) After making all madden team I have his playing cards. I was proud to have played with him

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