Maryland Hoops Uniforms Are All Yellow

Since hitting rock bottom, the Terps have four straight non-conference victories, including last night’s 25-point win over Holy Cross (No. 82 in the RPI, No. 1 in the Patriot League!). Maryland remain a mystery, but one thing is certain: the Len Bias Era yellow unis are so choice.


Get a couple more looks at Uni Watch, and pray to Gibbs that the Greivis and Gist-led team that begins ACC play at Va. Tech on Saturday is the one from these last four games and not the nightmare which preceded it.

7 thoughts on “Maryland Hoops Uniforms Are All Yellow”

  1. I was at the game and think the jersey’s were among the ugliest ever used by a sports team. MD’s jerseys this year are already an ugly change from years past and then this color, which wasn’t used since 88′ weren’t exactly an improvement. Especially after Holy Cross opened the game witha 5-0 run. Now that was followed by a 20-0 MD run, but still. Dear MD equipment staff, never do this again. Thank you, A concerned fan.

  2. As a life long MD fan, I have been waiting for them to bring back the yellow. I love the unis in the highlights from the 80s. Hot! I believe this is the first time Gary has busted out the yellow. They better stay in the rotation!!

  3. Maryland fans better pray the point guards of the ACC are disoriented by bright uniforms, because Greivis is going to be in hot gravy this year.

  4. as long as they dont go shorty short like the lakers, these are cool throw backs.

    and on a side note, did anyone notice yesterday during the gibbs presser, that dan snyder talked some junk to dallas? saying that “we all know what we would have done to them”. that was awesome. for a while, the rivalry was dead, but it is now back and in full force!

  5. Hayes was out last night so Vasquez had to manage the game, which he didn’t do too terribly. But he totally blew vs Ohio. Not OSU, but University of Ohio. I think he forgot MD was in the ACC and not he Patriot League.

  6. Are they still rockin the black uni’s, too?

    If so, that’d be four collections from which the Terps could choose from. Most resourceful uniform selection in college basketball perhaps?

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