Dallas’ Roy Williams Honors Sean Taylor

roy-williams-doesnt-suck.jpgJust because the Redskins season is over doesn’t mean that players are done honoring the memory of Sean Taylor. Via Peter King’s MMQB:

“Williams, who was named to the Pro Bowl as a replacement for Taylor, said he will have something special for the Taylor family in Honolulu, and this is what it is: He’ll switch from his uniform number, 31, and wear Taylor’s number, 21, for the game. A brilliant idea and nice tribute to the memory of a man who’s been an inspiration to players and people in and out of the Washington organization.”

That’s pretty awesome and is causing the same mixed emotions I felt when Jeremy Shockey paid tribute to 21. Maybe not everyone from Dallas, New York and Philly totally sucks? Nah.

10 thoughts on “Dallas’ Roy Williams Honors Sean Taylor”

  1. 2nd that. he should either ask the redskins if this cool (since he is a cowboy and a 2nd tier safety not the same level as ST21) or let one of the skins that is there wear the 21 (if they want)

  2. C’mon, I know he’s a Cowboy, but give the guy a break. He’s just trying to do the right thing. Plus, he let Santana get deep not once but twice in that miracle Monday Nighter two years ago, which was nice.

  3. Is that woman one of Roy’s relatives telling him to take off his damn jersey at the house, like they don’t know who he is?

    And is she also giving him a to-go plate while instructing him?

  4. Personally not a big fan of this move.

    Either way, since they already are selling Sean Taylor Pro Bowl jersies, with the #21, I really doubt he will carry on with this.

    Either the Skins or the NFL wont let him.

  5. if he wants to honor him, he should give 100% of the pro bowl bonus money that he earned AND the money that is given to him if his teams win/loses to the ST Memorial.

  6. Roy Williams is the most overrated safety in the league. Class move by him but 12 Cowboy Pro Bowlers is a little much, especially when the Packers only have 4.

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