Wild Card Merch Reeks of Desperation

skins-wild-card-tee.jpgThe only gear trumpeting an NFL team accomplishment any fan should be allowed is that which commemorates Super Bowl appearances and/or championships. Maybe division champion gear is allowed, especially if your team — let’s call them “Redskins” — hasn’t taken their division in eight years. But Wild Card merch?

To that end, of the four Wild Cards, only one is selling “playoffs” t-shirts and hats. We can’t blame them for making money, but we can blame fans for chomping on the bit.

To be clear, buying Wild Card gear is worse than buying Pro Bowl jerseys. Worse than women turning their team’s colors into pink and white (or the classy pink-black combo). Far worse than any of the ridiculousness found on Straight Cash Homey. Not quite as bad as that guy in mesh, but still.

So do yourself a favor, fellow Skins fans. Wait until Washington wins an NFC Championship before buying this type of swag. It may take three weeks or it may take forever, but it beats the hell out of wearing something that screams, “My guys were in the top third of the league!”

9 thoughts on “Wild Card Merch Reeks of Desperation”

  1. “Buying Wild Card gear is worse than buying Pro Bowl jerseys.”

    What about a Sean Taylor Pro Bowl jersey?

  2. I think for some Skins fans, the wild card means more this year than it normally would just because of everything that happened to the team this year. That being said, I saw the shirts and wasn’t interested in ordering one.

  3. Id rather buy one of my own shirts.

    I have 2,

    First one says: The President of the DTC fucked my sister

    Second one reads: The Mayor of Fed Ex Field punched my sister

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