Columnist Claims Redskins Exploit Taylor

douchebag-mcgrath.jpgJohn McGrath writes for The News Tribune out of Tacoma, Washington, and his column today about the Redskins and Sean Taylor is a doozy. I’ll excerpt only the most egregious parts in an attempt at brevity, but wow:

“As the Washington Redskins continue their very public grieving over murdered teammate Sean Taylor, the distinction between mourning the dead and exploiting the dead is becoming ever more blurry …

The solemn dignity of the Missing Man tribute has devolved into a maudlin circus that’s turned Taylor from a tragic figure into the patron saint of an improbable Super Bowl contender …

What is the team’s motive in releasing a depth chart noting that Taylor will start at free safety for the first-round playoff game scheduled Saturday at Qwest Field? … Is the inclusion of Taylor on the depth chart a genuine tribute, or the latest nod to a macabre superstition? …

If the idea is to honor a teammate who died too soon, then honor him. Stop the nonsense about Taylor’s influence in arranging predestined point spreads, and replace his name on the depth chart for Saturday’s game in Seattle with starter Reed Doughty …

Say this about the Redskins: They didn’t invent the concept of the football martyr. That tradition goes all the way back to Notre Dame’s Knute Rockne … We’ll never know how much of that legendary halftime speech was factual, but at least Rockne waited eight years before converting Gipp into a lucky charm. The Redskins didn’t wait eight weeks.

Who’s McGrath to tell Taylor’s teammates, coaches and friends how to mourn? On the eve of their playoff game no less? What part of “dedicating the season to 21” does he not understand?

Trust that the Redskins will see this, and, after their initial shock, the disbelief turns to furious anger to be unloaded upon Matt Hasselbeck and every other Seahawk. It’ll be like Jefferson after Spicoli trashed his car, and the good people of Seattle have McGrath to thank for it.

10 thoughts on “Columnist Claims Redskins Exploit Taylor”

  1. 1. I would like to invite Mr. McGrath to the next DTC tailgate (September 2008). I also would like to invite Mrs. McGrath so someone can carry Mr. McGraths badly beaten body out of my parking lot.

    2. Who is this guy again?

  2. The Redskins didn’t need any motivation going into tomorrow’s game, but thank you Mr Dickhead, you just gave it to them. The Seahawks are going to get destroyed. 24-10 Skins. See everyone in Dallas next week.

  3. Alos, if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to watch the NFL Network’s Who is….. show. This week is Clinton Portis and it is awesome. Thy talk to him about everything, including his black and hot pink bedroom??? Agent Steinz, ask him about that next time you see him.

  4. Giants fan here…. this guy is pretty much a moron. The best motivational factor for teams is playing for one of their own, whether he or she is hurt or like in this situation, killed. Obviously this douche never was never involved in a battle where the people you trust the most are the people you go into battle with. People can say what they want about Sean Taylor… but to accuse a team of almost “exploiting” his death is just wrong.

  5. Wow, just when I thought that people could not stoop any lower a columnist like yourself comes up with something like this. You are a piece of garbage and may god have mercy on your soul.

  6. This was just as bogus as people who claimed VT was exploiting the sympathies of the nation to gain fans for their football team. It’s a shame that people who don’t know tragedy try and tell people how to act when tragedy strikes.

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