Dallas Fans Decide to Fight Each Other

As if watching their team get the shit beat out of them by the Redskins wasn’t painful enough, these two geniuses decided to fight with each other in the stands. Notice that they are BOTH Cowboys fans:

The video description claims the two were fighting over a seat. I guess the guy in the T.O. jersey strongly believed section 428, row V, seat 5 to be far superior to section 428, row V, seat 6.

10 thoughts on “Dallas Fans Decide to Fight Each Other”

  1. ^^ You got that right.

    That was just incredible, I can’t determine which part I liked best.

    Gun to my head, I’d hafta go with the aggressive “F*ck You!” that guy lets out before delivering his 8th punch.

    Coming in at #2 is the noise the bald punching bag makes a few times toward the end. Were those barks?

    #3 is the 4-yard gain by Ladell Betts. That play was effin yoooge!

    (btw, I’m highly disappointed that the Redskin fans actually broke the fight up. If that were in Philly, we would’ve let 2 idiotic Cowboy fans bash each others head in until at least one of them was comatose.)

  2. I like this because it goes along with my impression that the basic rules of humanity do not apply inside NFL stadiums. I want to write a book about this. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two guys ended up sitting next to each other peacefully for the length of that game, and then possibly grunting and attempting to decapitate each other again at the end.

  3. Can we find out who they were and send them a “Hard Fought” Blog Show T-Shirt? This just proves that people who support that team are complete douches.

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