The Redskins Are Going to the Playoffs

The Skins completely dominated the Cowboys in every possible way today. 22 first downs to six. 354 total yards to 157. 9-15 on third downs vs. 0-11. But the most telling stat of them all: 131 rushing yards to one. Yes, Dallas had one yard on the ground. And the Skins didn’t just beat up their back-ups. They humiliated Dallas’ starters, who played into the third quarter. Now, after going 4-0 since Sean’s funeral, the Skins ride their emotional gravytrain to Seattle to play a team that’s lost back-to-back games to Carolina and Atlanta.

But now I’m getting ahead of myself. Let us celebrate possibly the biggest win in FedEx history, which can really be summed up in one image:


Congratulatory kisses from Buges are always welcome.

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