Miss State Fan Powered By Whiskey

Yes, I was watching the Liberty Bowl this evening between the powerhouses of Central Florida and Mississippi State. It’s football and I’m a red-blooded American, so I had no choice. Besides, it was in HD.

As the final seconds counted down, Miss State rushed for a first down to clinch the 10-3 victory. After the run, the cameras caught a portly, redneckish looking Bulldog fan perched atop the wall separating the seats from the players. They showed the kid for about 10 seconds, enough time for me to notice something in his right hand that I — as a sporting even booze smuggler myself — can totally appreciate:


I’m fairly certain they don’t sell fifths of whiskey at the stadium. But it was in Memphis, so who knows.

The fact that someone from Mississippi was drinking booze straight from the source isn’t necessarily blog worthy. That’s their natural behavior, which I fully endorse. But what happened less than two minutes after the inital shots of this moonshiner was just outstanding. Fueled by countless shots and Memphis-style pork BBQ, this young fan was the very first person to ring the Liberty Bowl trophy:


Well played, good sir. And for the record, that fitted is hot, son.

6 thoughts on “Miss State Fan Powered By Whiskey”

  1. that guy is like my twin brother. we were born in the same hospital in the same southern mississippi town. i ain’t seen him sober since junior high. haha

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