Skins Surge Brings Out the Finest Attire

I can’t believe I’ve been a blogger for over three-and-a-half years and have not had a digital camera all this time. I finally got one over the weekend (thanks to Mr. I’s ad sales department), and it’s without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to a blogger. Well, aside from some guy named Brooks in Cali who gets girls to come to his “studio” and show him their chesticles while he takes photos.

So on Sunday night, after the Skins showed the country how pathetically horrible the Vikings really are, we went out to a local bar in Arlington, VA for some celebratory beers jager shots. It’s a good thing I had the new camera in hand, because we had a Patrick Ramsey sighting. Believe it:


I’m not sure what self-respecting fan leaves his home in that. If you’re gonna make an ass of yourself, at least do it all the way like the guys you’ll find after the jump, who were at the same bar.


Yes, that is the youngest Mottram brother, Beef, sandwiched between two superfans in hard hats. And no, that’s not a shocker, that’s “21.” Now you have to think of Sean Taylor every time you use three fingers to suggest your uncomfortable — and possibly illegal — sexual desires to a woman.

4 thoughts on “Skins Surge Brings Out the Finest Attire”

    You’ve got a picture of two helmets there. Trust me , those two are helmets not hardhats.
    I love the Puerto Rican guy with a mullet but the drunk guy on the right that has to close one eye just to be able to stand up straight is just as good.

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