The ‘Ruin Romo’ Movement Has Begun

jessica-ruins-romo.jpgOh, this is gonna be fun.

The new site Ruin Romo is sprouting up through the cracked sidewalks of the ‘sphere in an attempt to, well, ruin Tony Romo as both a quarterback and a man.

The plan is simple: have Panthers fans download Jessica Simpson’s demonic visage, put it on a stick and wave it around in the crowd at Carolina this weekend. And Redskins fans at Washington next weekend. And [divisional playoff opponent] fans making the trip to Dallas two weeks after that. And so on until America’s Smile is turned upside down.

With Chris in Charlotte and me in D.C., we could get this movement off the ground real quick. Then again, we’re too lazy and fantasy football-addled to actually go to games, so whatever.

(Inappropriate man hugs to Mr. I reader StuScottsLazyEye for the tip.)

16 thoughts on “The ‘Ruin Romo’ Movement Has Begun”

  1. leaving Charlotte Saturday, just hours before Dallas douchebags flock to the Queen City.

    And I’d totally come home again the following weekend for the Dallas game if I could find tix under $200. Too bad we don’t live in Minneapolis.

  2. I’m printing out about 50 as we speak. My seats at Fed Ex are right where the opposing team comes out. Thank you very much.

  3. Atleast you are close enough to see the games on TV or in person. I am out here is NorCal and all we get are the Packers, 49ers and Raiders (when they are not subject to blackout). Then if you go a sports bar to watch, they don’t even show it. I went and tried to watch the Bills-Redskins game and the local establishment had 12 TV’s and 7 of them had the Vikings game on.

    As for wanting Jessica Simpson to “ruin”. that would be bad. You would have to use flash cards to show her what to do, like they do when the train elephants at the zoo.

  4. Chris-As The Mayor of Fed Ex Field, I can get a slew of tickets to any game, including the Cowboys game on the 30th.

    At, or under face value.

    Tell me what you want and in 2 days ill have them.

    Theres 3 things gaurenteed in life.




  5. wah wah, you Deadskins fans are just jealous that we have a Jedi Master as our QB and youre stuck with Daunte Culpepper Mark II. give Rypien a call, he could give up his role as Herman in the traveling show of The Munsters to come back and throw a few interceptions as you struggle to finish at .500

  6. Oh! Johnny Rotten!

    First thing I noticed, education is not a priority with Viking fans.

    Not only was that a totallly useless sentence, but it was way to fucking long.

    Second thing, why are you talking shit?

    Vikings havent ever done shit except act like the Eagles years before they started acting like the Eagles.

    Your the purple Bills for christ sake.

    Why dont you do this. Shut your fucking mouth, and mail me back my watch I left on your mothers dresser last week.

    And when you Viking fans are done sucking Petersons Peter, make sure you recognize who the fuck knocked you out of the playoffs.

    The Washington Redskins bitch.

    PS: The DTC has beat up Viking fans before. I hope it was you.

  7. Wait, I thought Daunte himself was Byron Leftwich Mark II, would that make Campbell Letfwich Mark III?

    Though thebody has a very good point, I’d love to be “ruined” by J.S. any day, specially in that Daisy Dukes outfit

  8. do i give a shit about the vikings? no. i root for Americas Team, i live in the United States of Texas you sorry sack of used condom lubricant

  9. Johnny, I should have known you were a Cowboys fan.

    Something about your sentence structure just screamed that you were from “the United States of Texas”

    Please accept my sincere aplogy.

    This changes everything now.

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