Merry Christmas From Arizona State

We don’t find this stuff. This stuff finds us. Lauren Thompson be thy name.


(Thanks to Mr. I reader puttsfromtherough for this shocking revelation.)

Update: 100% Injury Rate explains via email why those pointer and middle fingers are so far apart:

“I’ve been informed by a few ASU grads that the cheerleaders aren’t actually giving the shocker, but instead the ASU pitchfork hand symbol.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, that a school adopts a hand symbol that’s basically the shocker, or attending an ASU game where 70,000 people are all giving the shocker at once.”

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From Arizona State”

  1. Best interview answer from sweet Lauren.

    2. My favorite class is: Class is class to me, they are kind of all the same.

    Talk about shockers. Based on SDSU being your second choice, I was sure academics were of the utmost importance…was thinking organic chemistry was likely your favorite…oh, well…

  2. Oh my God … turns out Texas is doing a “Longhorn” with thier hands, not signalling “Rock on.”

    Next thing you know, USC is not giving the peace symbol.

  3. Technically both are legitimate sports signs, the pitchfork being decades old before the shocker showed in pop culture. But hey, correct isn’t funny and I’m raising the dead here.

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