Blog Show No. 32: ‘Tastes Like Smack’

The last couple of minutes here — a Smoot Smack tasting paired with a classic YouTube — could be our masterwork, but I’m too close to judge.

(Also, Nick Young’s new nickname is now and forever “The City.” We’re looking at you, Mssrs. Buckhantz and Chenier!)

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YouTube of the Week: Islanders Fans Rawk [We Are the Postmen]

Posts [and sites] featured: Shoulda Worn the Black Pants [With Leather], David Garrard Is Gangster [100% Injury Rate], Greivis Vasquez’ Curious Facial Hair [Mr. Irrelevant], Steve Nash Chipped Tooth Interview [Fan IQ], Nickname Nick Young [Mr. Irrelevant], Rondell White Bought Something [FanHouse], An NFL Christmas [Deuce of Davenport], Worst Present Ever [You Been Blinded], Rick Dempsey Clause [The Oriole Post], 12 Days of NBA Christmas [Hardwood Paroxysm], ‘86 Cowboys Christmas Video [100% Injury Rate], Smoot Smack Bars [DC Sports Bog]

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4 thoughts on “Blog Show No. 32: ‘Tastes Like Smack’”

  1. Lloyd Christmas is from Dumb and Dumber. I’m starting to believe that sports bloggers (and the suits who hire them) are not to be trusted with facts.

    The name’s Ricardo. Ricky Ricardo.

  2. After reviewing some of Steinz’s blogs, LaRon’s nickname has to be Suicide Missle. Landry wears a shirt with that on it and he says that is how he plays. YEESSSS, AND IT COUNTS!! (In my or your best Marv Albert voice)

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