San Diego State’s ‘Undie Run’ Looks Fun

Last Wednesday marked San Diego State’s third “Undie Run” of 2007, this time with proceeds (discarded clothes) going to victims of the Southern California wild fires. There’s an 87-photo slideshow from the midnight mile, which is reminiscent of Princeton’s “Nude Olympics.” I, however, imagine the ladies of Whale’s Vagina have a leg up on their New Jersey counterparts. Take slide No. 46 for example.


And to those who deign that this doesn’t qualify as sporting, to you I say, well, that’s a good point. But it was probably, on some level, fraught with winners and losers, and the fellow pictured above qualifies as the former.

(Flying hip bump to our friend Spachtholz, who’s now responsible for the last three posts in our Opposite Sex category.)

7 thoughts on “San Diego State’s ‘Undie Run’ Looks Fun”

  1. another reminder of why going to an Ivy League school was a baaadd choice. let me count the reasons…ah yes, 46, 54, 85…

  2. is that tom cruise in there? isn’t he gay? oh wait, gay dudes are always posing with girls in their underwear. gay dudes are so lucky!

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