Dukes and Cell Phones (Still) Don’t Mix

We knew the signing of Elijah Dukes would bring with it some tremendous blog content for Mr. I. We didn’t, however, anticipate him being in the news again this soon. And for the same exact thing he was in trouble for previously.

Yep, Dukes is still straight violent with that T-9 Word, son:

Amanda E. Reese, 23, was granted a temporary injunction for protection against domestic violence on Dec. 10. She is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning to seek extended protection. … Reese says Dukes sent her a text message on Oct. 23 that stated she would “have to deal with the consequences” and “don’t let me see you when I come home” and “it’s a promise, now make your move.”

At least this time Elijah didn’t add that he “ain’t even bullshittin’, dawg.” This, of course, still leaves open the possibility that he was indeed simply bullshittin’ with Ms. Reese and this is all a big misunderstanding.

Update: The case has been dismissed, which is a good thing. I think.

3 thoughts on “Dukes and Cell Phones (Still) Don’t Mix”

  1. When you go to a Caps game, there’s always a couple of timeouts where they display text messages from fans on the jumbotron.

    Somehow, I don’t see that happening in the Navy Yard next year.

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