Last Call for You to Nickname Nick Young

The Nickname NY poll closes at 5 p.m. ET today, and two candidates have emerged to provide a photo finish: Bean Burrito and The City. If you haven’t voted already, please do so now as each additional vote sways the final result, to be announced (in t-shirt form) on tomorrow night’s Blog Show.

And there’s more at stake here than just a young man’s moniker. 289 Design and Brahsome have already designed and released The City garments, and Truth About It already done called the race for Bean Burrito. So what’s it gonna be? Nick “The City” Young or Nick “Bean Burrito” Young?


5 thoughts on “Last Call for You to Nickname Nick Young”

  1. The City? That is as lame as Bean Burrito. Way to rip off the Warriors. Now, if he was called Dunk City, with a basketball and Washington Memorial background instead of the Warriors background, now that my son is what they call, off the shizzle.

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