Jeremy Shockey’s Tribute to Sean Taylor

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time over the past six years hating on Jeremy Shockey, which I felt bad about last night as he was carted off the field with a broken leg. And it wasn’t just injury remorse either, it was his eyeblack, which read “21” on one side and “S.T.” on the other.


Class move by a guy I’ve accused of having no class. Get well soon, 80.

10 thoughts on “Jeremy Shockey’s Tribute to Sean Taylor”

  1. “Class move by a guy I’ve accused of having no class”: Yes.

    “Get well soon, 80”: NO! Stay down. You’re done, son.

    I too almost felt sympathy for Shockey, so I sent a Giants fan I know a “Poor Shockey” text. His response? “Poor Taylor.” So F Shockey.

  2. It should be against the law to have a blog post about Shockey that doesn’t reference his brahsome american flag/eagle tattoo. All jokes aside, a nice tribute by Shockey.

  3. Shockey’s never come off as having any class, but this was reassuring to see.

    To follow-up what Chris said above, a close friend made the trip up north sporting the #21 at the game and was booed as fans chanted, “Sean Taylor Is Dead!” I think it is pretty safe to assume that that classless move rivals the worst of what fans in Philly have done and said.

  4. Jeremy Shockey is a goon, I think most people even if they are as greasy as Jeremy Shockey would feel remorse for the death of one of thier friends. If Shockey hadn’t personally known Sean Taylor he probably wouldn’t have worn the 21 on his helmet. I hate the Giants but congradulations, Shockey doesn’t play one playoff game and they win them all.

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