Greivis Vasquez Has Curious Facial Hair

Despite (and perhaps because of) Maryland’s recent struggle, I didn’t consider their matchup with Ohio to be appointment viewing. Surely, they’d take care of business in College Park as they feed on cupcakes before entering the heart of ACC competition. But I had to tune in after receiving not one but two text messages shortly after tipoff. One was from Chris and the other from my buddy Andy, and they weren’t alerting me that Maryland was losing to an inferior MAC opponent:

“You need to see Vasques [sic] hair tonight. he has something into his sideburns.”

So I turned on the tube and, wow, how right they were. General Greivis not only has something, uh, unique shaved into the right and left sides of his face, but he also has something going on with the backside of his head. See for yourself, and please enlighten me as to what’s happening here. The first one looks like a cheek penis for chrissakes.




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