Smoot Plays Despite ‘Throwing Up Blood’

smoot-smack.jpgThere’s a reason I wear a home white Fred Smoot jersey for all Skins games, and it’s not because of his propensity for nicknames and sex toys. It’s because Smoot is the balls, as evidenced by this story from Redskins Radio’s Bram Weinstein:

“Smoot suffered severe cramps and began throwing up blood [during the Bears game]. The team carted him into the locker room where they hooked him up to IV’s. While watching the fourth quarter and seeing his team possibly blow another late lead, Smoot asked the trainers to go get him something, when they left the room, he ripped the IV’s out of his arm and ran back out onto the field and told Gregg Williams he was playing.”

Who knew 27 was in the hero business? And Smoot didn’t stand (and throw up) alone on Thursday night, no. Joining him was Clinton Portis:

“Portis ate some fried shrimp “from PF Changs” in the parking lot before enterring the stadium.. He threw up four times obviously suffering from food poisoning.. He played anyway and had the big offensive play of the game, a 54 yard screen pass inside the Bears 5.”

I love me some P.F. Chang’s. The lettuce wraps are tasty and refreshing! It doesn’t quite qualify as tailgate food though, unless you’re Clinton Portis before a home game, I suppose. Anyway, click through to Bram’s blog for yet another story of athletic virtue, this one starring Shawn Springs.

Also, did anyone know Smoot has his own energy bar? If not, I’ve buried the lead here and Steinz needs to get on this, obviously.

4 thoughts on “Smoot Plays Despite ‘Throwing Up Blood’”

  1. “Who the blood clot eats Chinese food in a parking lot, before a football game?”


    While im no nutritonist, i cant see “fried shrimp” from PF Changs is on the “eat before game list”

    What the fuck is going on? Clinton Portis is eating fried shrimp in the parking lot before the game.

    No wonder we fucking suck.

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