Blog Show No. 31: The Correspondents, Starring Nick Young and Dominic McGuire

This edition of Blog Show is all about the correspondents, Wizards rookies and vloggers Nick Young and Dominic McGuire, so I won’t cast blame if you only watch that groundbreaking minute of the program. Just know that propers for it go to Steinberg (access), Littlefield (production) and the Rooks (time, exuberance).

Speaking of, it’s well known that I’m all about Nick Young. The groundswell for his dunk contest candidacy starts here, and we’ve been trying to apply a nickname to the high-flying bench scorer as well. With that in mind, we want you, the Blog Show viewing and blog reading audience, to take care of business. Vote in the Nickname Nick Young poll now and determine his new moniker (TBA on next week’s Blog Show, probably in t-shirt form).

Also, because I don’t want to make this all about NY, Dominic — the other half of the creatively named Domi.Nick vlog — is awesome in his own right. For proof positive, check out his Wizards impersonations and then our limitations on Blog Show XXXI:

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YouTube of the Week: Mid-’80s New York Rangers for Sasson Jeans [Deuce of Davenport]

Posts [and sites] featured: Anna Rawson on the LPGA [Golf Now], Jeff Garcia’s Wife Is the Sexiest [FanHouse], Staubach Likes Sex [Deuce of Davenport], Shirtless Joe [The Washingtonian], Todd Collins the Movie, the Drink [Mr. Irrelevant], Todd Collins, the Blog [Todd Collins], ‘Kid Delicious’ It Is [The Blowtorch], Nick Young Needs a Nickname [Mr. Irrelevant], Darius and the Tramp Dunk [TrueHoop], Stephen A. Is the Worst [Awful Announcing], Stephen A. Disses Bloggers [Farther Off the Wall]

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Programming note: The Blog Show airs on Comcast SportsNet in the DC-B’more region (and also on DirectTV channel 629) Tuesdays around 5:30 p.m. and again around 11:30 p.m. as part of Washington Post Live. Watch it online via Burly Sports or YouTube, and email us anytime.

* Inspired by The Blowtorch’s nickname Kevin Durant poll. And all apologies to 289, who has already designed The City t-shirts. Brahsome too.

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