Landry’s Hit Upsets Collinsworth’s Vagina

In the Skins win over the Bears last week, The Ron Landry picked up a 15 yarder for a late hit on Muhammad. At the time, I thought it was borderline bullshit, but I also happened to be more than a little intoxicated that night. Seeing it again, it was obviously the right call. The issue here is Collinsworth’s reaction:

I realize he was a mediocre WR — a position prone to creating whiny little bitches who spell “Chris” like “Cris” — so he’s extra sensitive when it comes to getting touched on the football field, but come on dude. Landry was about one second late hitting the receiver on a pass that grazed Muhammad’s fingers. It’s not like it was some sort of cheap shot away from the play.

And what is Collinsworth’s double-secret inside relationship with the Redskins coaches which tells him that “head hunting” is a major complaint the team has with Landry? God damn, that guy’s a douchebag.

Not that I have any strong feelings about Collinsworth one way or the other.

14 thoughts on “Landry’s Hit Upsets Collinsworth’s Vagina”

  1. If Sean Taylor was and is the Boom King, what are we gonna call Landry? He is obviously well on his way to being a feared safety. Although the hit was late, if you look at the last 5-6 games, the Redskins have been beat by the deep ball over the middle. I think that this hit was a message to the league that the middle is closed and if you come thru here, expect to get hit.

    Collingsworth is a douche and Gumbell is a tampon

  2. Don’t forget Fred Smoot’s take: Whoa! Or Wo! Or however that’s spelled.

    But no one likes my nickname suggestions any more.

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