Appalachian State Co-Ed, ‘Maps’ Beauty Pageant Girl Are Same Person

About three weeks ago we posted a photo of an unnaturally hot App State fan courtesy of the good folks at Southern Fried Football. Today, via a friend of Mr. I, we have learned that she also happens to be Miss Teen South Carolina. You know, the “U.S. Americans” chick. Check it out:


According to our totally not-at-all creepy 30-something friend, she is just finishing up her first semester at Appalachian State. He knows because he has class with her. Although he is not a student at the university. I guess what I’m saying is that our friend is a stalker.

If she knows what’s good for her career, she’ll go Jenn Sterger on that ass, and wear the above outfit in the front row of App State’s National Championship game this Friday night. And if she knows what’s good for her social life, she won’t call me. I’m a heart breaker, baby. I was born to run.

There are more photos than your weak heart can handle on Southern Fried Football’s site, including one of her jumping on a trampoline. You may want to consult your physician before proceeding.

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