Friday’s Basically Top Five Blog Links

jimmie-johnson-wife-phallic-trophy.jpgThis is a revolutionary feature known as Basically Top Five. It’s totally different from and more refreshing than other links dumps such as The Roundup and Saint Andrew’s Net, and the name honors our friend Brian the Bull, who says “basically” and “top five” a lot. The former means he’s lying, and the latter means he’s embellishing.

  1. Jimmie Johnson and wife hit NYC. I was told to lead with a strong visual, so here you go. Hey look, more NASCAR WAGs!
  2. Crazy tramp dunks confuse Darius Miles. And understandably so.
  3. Yesterday’s top nine Rule 5 selections. One new Oriole and two new Nats make the list and will hopefully join the all-time Rule 5 greats.
  4. Roger Staubach says, “I enjoy sex.” Yes, Cowboys quarterbacks have always been this annoying.
  5. The NFL should switch to college OT rules. Agreed, but I’m linking this because the Jamboroo is Steinberg’s “favorite thing on the internet.”

Bonus links: Awesome baseball contract clausesUnderappreciated dunkersThe Four FreshmenLenny Dykstra, publisher

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