Colt Brennan Gets Our Vote For Heisman

The other day, StuScottsLazyEye left a comment telling us that Hawaii honored Sean Taylor during their game against Washington on Saturday night. I searched for photographic evidence, but was unsuccessful. Well, now we have one better; video of Colt Brennan and his homeboys paying their respects to #21:

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I need to see in order to cast the vote I don’t have for Colt. Well, that and his coach’s convincing arguments against Tim Tebow. Although simply saying, “My guy gets f’ing righteous on monster swells, their guy wears crocs” would’ve been more effective.

In somewhat related news, I’ve been told by ladies in the greater Charlotte area that Brennan is more of a dreamboat than Brady. This guy’s gonna be a superstar once he hits the mainland.

3 thoughts on “Colt Brennan Gets Our Vote For Heisman”

  1. What you didn’t realize is that Tebow actually solved the crime in hi spare time.

    That’s right. Collected evidence, coerced a confession, and beat the shit out of the bitches in between film and supper.

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