Blog Show No. 30: ‘My Eyes Are Bleeding’

Three things to keep in mind while watching the 30th episode of Blog Show:

  1. Pay attention around the one-minute mark. Look carefully — squint, even — and you’ll see Steinz, myself and the backup dancers (Melissa, Sam, Irvin and Dan) perform a disturbing dance sequence.
  2. Get your ‘Long Live the Boom King’ t-shirt. It looks better than the iron-on version I’m wearing, and all commissions go to the Sean Taylor Memorial Fund.
  3. I was recognized in public! After the show Steinz, Littles and I go to a nearby bar. Steinz is outside on the phone as Littles and I grab a table. A host seats us and, in the process of doing so, looks at me and goes, “You’re on Blog Show, aren’t you? Mr. Irrelevant, right?” Right!!!

Enjoy the show, ladies and lads …

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T-shirts (use “SPREADSHIRT03″ coupon for $5 off): Long Live the Boom King and I Want My Gil TV

YouTube of the Week: Adidas Unveils [Wizznutzz]

Posts [and sites] featured: ’86 Dodgers Music Video [Can’t Stop the Bleeding], Naming a Blog [Tirico Suave], Marshawn Lynch Has a Blog [Yardbarker], Marshawn Lynch Is Solid [KSK], Takeo Spikes’ Chinchilla Hat [The 700 Level], The Bellotti Potty [Beavers Blog], Sideline Reporter Stunts Gone Wrong [Joe Sports Fan], ‘Giving Him the Business’ [Mr. Irrelevant], Make ‘Toine an All-Star [], Nick Young Dunk Campaign Poster [Bullets Forever]

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Programming note: The Blog Show airs on Comcast SportsNet in the DC-B’more region (and also on DirectTV channel 629) Tuesdays around 5:30 p.m. and again around 11:30 p.m. as part of Washington Post Live. Watch it online via Burly Sports or YouTube, and email us anytime.

One thought on “Blog Show No. 30: ‘My Eyes Are Bleeding’”

  1. Most people recognize me for bailing out Morgan State on local Baltimore news programs, but hey, gotta pay dem’ bills, right?


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