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pedro-geurrero-rules.jpgThis is a new, revolutionary feature known as Basically Top Five. It’s totally different from and more refreshing than other links dumps such as The Roundup and Saint Andrew’s Net, and the name honors our friend Brian the Bull, who says “basically” and “top five” a lot. The former means he’s lying, and the latter means he’s embellishing.

  1. The ’86 Dodgers have raised the bar. This music video, along with last week’s ’86 Rams video, suggests mid-’80s LA may have had a cocaine problem.
  2. The Big Ten apologizes for sending OSU and Illinois to the BCS. Not so graciously, the SEC accepts.
  3. ESPN/ABC’s version of Les Miles’ presser was different. I’m shocked, shocked to find that editing is going on in here!
  4. There’s never mercy for bad coaching. KSK has fun with what may be the defining moment of Gibbs 2.0.
  5. Rock “Raines is a clear-cut HOFer.” Any man who can steal second with a vile in his back pocket would get my vote.

Bonus links: ESPN’s reason for being anti-playoffHockey bloggers attackBuy Romo’s high school jerseyBill Walker pees into towelsHighlights from the Simmons-Walton podcastCasting the Bonds movieThe latest from Ray Hudson’86 Phillies commercialsRod Benson is on fire

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Basically Top Five Blog Links”

  1. Wait, so now you’re asking Fanhousers to appreciate a satirical apology AND a satirical response? Baby steps, Jamie. Baby steps. There are still people hanging around that are trying to get into the chatroom to talk to the basebally players on AIM.

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